Veterinary Behavior Solutions

13932 Broadwing Drive
Orlando, FL 32837



Dr. Lynn R. Honeckman


Improving the Lives of Pets

through the Prevention and Management

of Behavior Problems

      Veterinary Behavior Solutions (VBS) is a pet behavior consultation service founded by Dr. Lynn Honeckman. The mission of VBS is to diagnose and treat problems pertaining to the behavior of pet animals including dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, and other exotics. Emphasis is placed on promoting healthy behaviors in pets utilizing positive behavior training methods and medical intervention when appropriate. Through the proper understanding of an animal's behavior, the enjoyment and relationship of the family pet can be greatly improved.

     VBS is now seeing patients by appointment at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic of South Orlando location. This is a temporary location while a more permanent facility is being established.

Here is the address for the Veterinary Emergency Clinic of South Orlando:

2080 Principal Row, Orlando, FL, 32837,-81.406303&query=2080%20Principal%20Row,%20Orlando,%20FL%2032837&page=0

These consultations may include - but are not limited to - cases involving fears and phobias, separation anxiety, inappropriate elimination, aggression, and nuisance behaviors. Dr. Honeckman believes that behavior therapy is an essential component to providing total patient care.

     An open dialogue between Dr. Honeckman and a client's general veterinarian will occur with every case. As medical causes of behavioral problems must be ruled-out, all current medical records will be reviewed with possible recommendations pertaining to blood and urine tests, radiographs, and advanced diagnostics. Once a medical problem or underlying illness has been addressed, then behavioral intervention can occur.

**Referral to a Board-Certified Veterinary Behavior Specialist is an option for all clients**